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This page is a research project for Searchdaimon where we research technics for large scale search and generic search algorithms. It may or may not work.

As the amount and complexity of data and information increases, both on individual and corporate level, the importance of information retrieval grows. The pace at which things move forward today, prognosis and trends indicate that we are only in the beginning of a new area of information retrieval. Several niches and specialities within the area of information retrieval will emerge, and Searchdaimon believes to have identified forthcoming areas in which the company intend to be a world leading player.

Searchdaimon has developed a unique technology within the information retrieval area, and the concept is to capitalize on this technology by identifying future niches and areas of interest in which this technology can be fully be utilized.

A wide variety of functions and services can be derived from the technology. To start off the company will make its internet search engine public available and enter into a variety of affiliate programs. The goal is slowly to build up a loyal customer base and generate some revenues from early on. Further a service dedicated to corporate searching focusing on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), will be elaborated and designed. Though, the first service Searchdaimon plans to introduce is an Adult filter for Internet browsers. A great demand, especially among ISPs (Internet Service Providers) exists, for having a thorough and always updated adult filter to offer. Searchdaimon has developed a unique service, with superior properties and methods, which will be the first product launched by the company.


The Searchdaimon core technology is written in C, and typically runs on many computers in parallel.


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