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boitho.com-dc boitho.com's Web Crawler
The boitho.com-robot is a distributed crawler that downloads web pages to build the database used by boitho.com to search in. You can read more about the project here: http://www.boitho.com/dc/

How to avoid being indexed
If you do not wish to be crawled please inform our crawler by adding the user agent boitho.com-dc to your robots.txt according to the The Robots Exclusion Protocol.

User-agent: boitho.com-dc
Disallow: /

Contact us
If you cannot find the information about Search Daimon You need, wish to work for Search Daimon, or want to come with a general
comment to Search Daimon you can mail us at or contact Runar Buvik on phone +47.93030627.

Technology and engineering contact
For technology and engineering enquiries, inclusive problem with boitho.com search engine, and the boitho.com crawler, please use or contact Runar Buvik on phone +47.93030627.

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